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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  April 21, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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the livery cab driver stabbed in west chester county. >> police say a passenger stabbed the driver during the robbery. >> this happened around 1:15 this morning on cedar place from yonkers. darla miles is live with the story. carla? >> reporter: we are here now at jacoby medical center in the bronx. the 64-year-old driver is in serious but stable condition. after the suspect took about $150 cash, the driver was able to get out of the car and go for help. >> reporter: a livery cab driver in his 60s, stabbed a number of times during a dropoff on cedar place in yonkers. at thend of the rid the passenger let the driver know it was a holdup. and wanted cash. the suspect stabbed him, grabbed the money and ran. this comes after just last month, another livery cab driver in yonkers was stabbed in the neck, robbed and the
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he is pulling through. through. he is still in intensive care. we will continue going to the hospital and praying for the best. broadway. christian was able to run across the street. >> every time you are picking up a strange and you don't know when that stranger is going to do to you. >> reporter: the last case, almost a month to the day, the suspect was arrested. however yonkers police are still looking for the suspect and this morning's stabbing, please call yonkers police. park section the bronx darla miles channel 7 eyewitness news. we are following a developing story in new jersey. a pedestrian dead after being hit by a tract trail.
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global container terminal part of the industrial shipping complex along the hudson river. major back-ups for trucks going in and out of the facility. people living in the bronx are now back in their homes after a construction site was briefly deemed unstable. an engineer reported a problem with the second floor of a charter school being built on southern boulevard in longwood. nine buildings were evacuated. service on the number 2 and 5 trains were suspended from east 180th and 149th street and the grand concourse. firefighters went door-to-door to tell residents to leave. crying. her down. after i saw the risk getting getting more worried. service has been restored
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again the 42 displaced residents on back home. a guilty plea from the man nicknamed the ninja burglar. 42-year-old robert kozlov assistance so has been linked to more than 150 burglaries across the tristate area. he is accused of stealing more than $4 million in money and goods. police released a sketch of rape. man. yesterday when she was attacked the knife. he ran off. call crime stoppers. police on long island are investigating a deadly collision in nassau county. an suv slammed into a group of
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night. a woman was killed, two women ask a man were hurt. so far no charges have been filed. new at noon. after some debate, new york city is now moving to regulate pedestrian plazas, especially times square. this morning the mayor signed a bill into law allowing rules on pedestrian plaza use. at the ceremony the transportation commissioner said the new rules will come out shortly. they are expected to restrict costumed characters and others looking for tips to certain areas within times square. the investigation into the financing of mayor de blasio's mayoral campaign now involves central park carriage horses. according to the wall street journal state and federal officials are looking at a $100,000 donation to campaign for 1 new york, a nonprofit run by supporters of the mayor. the money came from two leaders of the group pushing for a ban on the horses. the ban was one of the mayor's campaign promise.
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has so far prevented that from happening. now to vote 2016. following his blowout victory this week in new york. donald trump calling on both of his opponents to drop out. meanwhile, hillary clinton returned to the big apple after her win to answer questions on "good morning america." connecticut. this is a live look at her abc news reporter marcie gonzalez joins us now with more from the campaign. marcie? >> reporter: the sanders campaign sent a message to supporters today saying while they did not get the results they were looking for here in new york, they are confident he can still beat hillary clinton. >> reporter: two days after her new york blowout, hillary clinton back in the big apple. taking questions from voters on "gma"'s town hall i don't what is your greatest political regret?
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president bush authority in iraq. >> reporter: the democratic front runner has a significant delegate lead over bernie sanders. after taking a day off, he is back on the campaign trail today, still vowing to fight to the finish. >> reporter: is it time for him to get out of the race? >> that is up to him. i would never tell anybody what to do. >> reporter: a much different tone from republican front runner donald trump tweeting about his rivals today, senator ted cruz has been mathematically eliminated from the race and he said kasich should get out for the same reason. but cruz and kasich say they are not backing down, counting on the possibility of a contested gop convention i don't i'm not going to reach 1237 and donald trump is not going to reach 1237. >> reporter: today cruz responded to trump on twitter asking whether everyone should drop out and quote forfeit to hillary. he then repeated his call for
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next week's primaries in five states. marcie gonzalez, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you marcie. at a meeting in saudi arabia, president obama reaffirmed the u.s. commitment to working with its arab allies to destroy isis and preserve the security of the middle east. >> we remain united in our fight to destroy isis or dash, which is a threat to all of us. >> reporter: the president also reassured the leaders that the u.s. will increase humanitarian efforts if iraq and syria. he once again pushed if a new constitution if the country and free elections. crews are cleaning up after a massive fire in suffolk county. the blaze ravaged five homes. demolition has started on the home where the fire started. the flames were fueled by bone dry conditions and high wind coming in off the water along the canal. two firefighters suffered minor
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a mom's dmv frustration, struggling to replace her son's damaged driver's permit. what happened when she asked governor christie for help. and stars react to the sudden death of pro wrestler known as china. what happened to her. new information on a 14- year-old girl who survived an uber driver's rampage. what earned her applaud. i hope you would applaud 70 around newark. >> when is this all across america families are coming back to time warner cable for a whole new experience. that's because we've been working hard
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a tragic death if the entertainment world. former pro wrestler turned actress china has died at the age of 46. a friend checked on her after not hearing from her in days. not sure exactly when why she passed away yet. she became a legend in the wwe. celebrities are reacting on social media. hulk hogan tweeted devastated, such a beautiful soul and so kind to my children. rest in peace joni, love you. the president of ecuador is planning to impose a one time tax on the country's millionaires to help pay for reconstruction. workers will be forced to contribute part of their wages. in addition he plans to raise
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taxes and draw on $600 million in emergency credits. he says the quake has caused billions of dollars in damage. amid new questions about the phoenix freeway shootings has been released on bail. today leslie merit jr. is at home under electronic monitoring. until a court date next month. last summer 11 cars were hit in over two weeks and police linked a gun, owned by merit, to four of those shootings. but a new round of ballistics tests were not conclusive. merit says the gun had been in a pawn shop for months. the 14-year-old girl wounded during a shooting spree by an uber driver in michigan shield as she walked out of a rehab hospital. abigail cough was shot in the head on february 20th. two months later hospital staffers applauded as she walked out on her own. her father says she will
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she needs surgery and will have part of her skull repaired. jason brian dalton is accused of killing two people, and injuring her. to the the olympic torch began its journey to brazil for the 2016 games. it was lit by a high priest using the rays of a sun focused in a concave mirror in olympia. the flame will be carried to brazil over the next 15 weeks by a series of relay runners. >> i like that production and drama they bring to the table. >> very cool. a shocking scene inside a school. watch as a teacher's aide shoves a 14-year-old student to the ground and grabs him by the neck. we'll tell you about the investigation, now underway. her 90ing birthday? elizabeth.
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say they would recommend their plan to a friend. remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long . high water continues to plague parts of texas after this week's torrential rainfall. in houston, officials are closely watching two aging dams deemed critically near failure
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engineers. the reservoir dams are about 70 years old. work to strengthen them is ongoing. water levels are expected to crest this weekend. a different story here in our area we haven't seen rain for a little bit of time but is that going to change? short of normal rainfall. so i don't think it is going to put a dent in that either. this april is going to go down as one of our driest. april is one of our wettest months, the old april showers may flowers. does my lawn need mowing again? the month. >> it is a new month, isn't it? >> we ought to get the weed welcome backer out there and -- get on it. >> as we look from right there along the west drive there, just a really pretty day. if you look right at the bottom
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are out, having lunch today. and south of that the softball fields, the broadway show league is playing today. it is a great day to be in parks long island coastal connecticut the hudson river pretty day. dangerous. the humidity is way low and the winds are picking up in a lot of spots. this is the wind speed from laguardia, around brooklyn, queens, the park is reporting a calm wind, that is because the meter there is covered up by trees. we are looking at a normal high of 63. yesterday 69 and a beautiful sunset today at 7:42. we have a warm wind, high fire risk. thunder threat tomorrow. a scattered possible as well. not a washout. another nice week with
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67 around newark and 70 down the jersey shore. here we have the southwest winds. the only place reporting a calm wind. as far as the wind goes, coming up from the south and southwest. winds 21 miles per hour, this will fuel any fires that take place today. that is why we have that high fire threat warning in effect as you see from the city westward. brooklyn, queens, the five burrows,. we have clear skies, beautiful weather here. back to our west is clouds and the showers we are talking about. this is the area of rain streaming from the south. now that is breaking down and this is moving eastward out of houston and spreading our way. we certainly will have the rains. as a matter of fact tomorrow we are looking at a pop-up shower or two.
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thunderstorm as you see the guidance, and tomorrow night a little something and as we get to sunrise on saturday, we are going to be looking at the sun coming out. the guidance shows maybe an inch, all over the place. nothing at bell mar. a half inch in the park. this is hit or miss for tomorrow. we'll see what happens. for the afternoon 75 degrees. right around 60, cloudy skies tomorrow shiny clouds to start the day after lunch time, a pop- up storm we are going to be looking at temperatures around 78 degrees and then we are looking at sunshine on saturday, sunday a beautiful weekend coming up, and next shot and showers on tuesday. it might actually be 70 in the city and the weekend is up the coast. >> thanks bill. thanks bill. mayors in four cities in
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the plan to allow uber to expand operations outside the city. mayors are urging state legislators to pass the measure. they say it would create new robs and reduce drunk drivers. the taxi industry is against the expansion. rangers are looking for a win to tie the playoff series against the penguins. a loss in game 3 put them down 2-1. game 4 is at the garden. the islanders are going into game 5. after a loss last night to the panthers, home ice advantage didn't do much, the panthers won 2-1. the series goes back to florida for game 5. forget snakes on a plane. we have snakes on the road. an out of control car unleashes
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the hunt is on for some victims of a car crash in florida that slithered away from the scene. cameras were rolling when a come lost control of her car and crashed into a florida smoke and snake shop.
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windows and shattered tanks holding snakes and bearded dragons. the reptiles escaped and that is stressing to parents with kids who go to a daycare center next door. the shop owner says the snakes will come out when they are hungry and he will catch them. take a look at the top of the screen there as a pair of little league baseball coaches set a poor example at a game in florida. they exchanged words after one of them switched out a player for a swifter runner. there was an obscenity, a punch and a take down. things did eventually cooldown. the one coach declient to press charges. cameras captured the miracle of birth underwater. a pacific whitesideed dolphin gave birth to a 25-pound calf at the shed aquarium in chicago. a special delivery arriving after three hours of labor
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the baby dolphin, mom's first, measures about three feet long. it doesn't have a name just yet. including learning how to eat a whole fish. let's turn on the money. looking to save a fortune by doing away with pennies. right now already about 240 billion pennies in the u.s. economy. but about two-thirds of them are not in circulation and treasury secretary jack lew has asked for we really still need to have a penny coin. amazon landing another big deal for itself. it wouldn't a 3-year deal to provide ebooks to new york city schools the deal is worth an estimated $30 million. it is also a major advance for amazon. breaking into the lucrative school market with digital text becomes that can be delivered and updated over the internet.
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driver's permit, hard enough. but one mom is having an even harder time replacing the one her son already got. the role governor christie governor christie is playing in her ordeal.
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our top stories this afternoon. police say a passenger stabbed and robbed a livery cab driver early this morning in yonkers. the driver is expected to survive. no arrests have been made yet. democratic presidential front runner hillary clinton is in coffin con right now to meet with family members of victims of gun violence. families of the sandy hook shooting victims were on hand. meanwhile donald trump says he is planning more changes to his campaign. calling on his rivals ted cruz and john kasich to drop out. we begin with a surprise visit by governor christie. >> he stopped by a motor vic office after finding out a woman could not get her son's learner's permit replaced. >> tony yates has the story. tony? >> reporter: yeah good afternoon. you know the governor says he
12:31 pm
a caller into his radio show says they have a problem he thinks shut not be a problem. today he helped isaac replace his learning permit. as promised last night during his radio show, governor christie governor christie met stacey and her 17-year-old son isaac and took care of business. >> reporter: what was the problem? >> listen the problem folks here did not give these folks clear instructions about what they needed to bring in order to replace the permit and quite frankly, i think they got frustrated in there and didn't remember that these are our customers. >> reporter: isaac had washed his driver's permit in his jeans. mom spend four months trying to get it replaced. >> i think maybe you and i maybe you and i tomorrow, together, if you have time, should go to the south plain field mv c.
12:32 pm
>> reporter: they are inside, speaking with staff, getting isaac's driving permit problems solved. >> most of our employees are good. and did a good job. but all you need is one, and it gives people a bad taste if their mouth. >> only the police should see it. >> he is going to try to even out situations. >> it is personal service from the governor of the state of new jersey, what do you think about that? >> i'm pretty lucky. >> reporter: so isaac did leave happy. the governor says there are certain issues where the customer should not have to deal with. he does for the say yet if anybody is going to be fired about there but again, he is looking into it. >> tony it is channel 7 eyewitness news.
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long island accused of hitting and killing a blind pedestrian and fleeing the scene. morales is charged with leaving the scene of the accident that resulted in death. 64-year-old warren carson was killed. an 84-year-old woman attacked and held hostage in her own bronx home. the nightmarish ordeal happened monday. police say a man, armed with a knife. grabbed her in the stairwell of her building and pushed her inside her apartment. he was choking her. >> i was thinking i hope he doesn't kill me. and that i see my children and grandchildren again. >> the man took all the cash in her home but instead of fleeing, he lingered on in the pardon me. she tried to befriend him,
12:34 pm
offering him wine. he was there for more than two hours. the victim plans to live upstate to live with her daughter until she recovers. yesterday we told you scientists are hoping to use a new weapon. genetically modified mosquitoes to target insects that could spread the virus of the that plan is raising concerns if the neighborhood. >> reporter: just outside of key west, families are angry at the cdc the fda and the british company that hopes to release millions of genetically altered mosquitoes. >> we don't want to be lab rats. >> reporter: each the government admits this is a test. >> the genetically modified male mates with the wild female and the offspring does not develop into an adult.
12:35 pm
>> reporter: but the families say there is no plan if something goes wrong and if diseases start to spread. online their petition has more than 166,000 sixty. >> they are trying to jam this down our throat without our consent and that is just not right. >> reporter: the scientists behind this say it is already working in other countries. >> i don't think people should absolute frayed of it. if anything, they should be more worried about things like chikungunya. >> in two to four days after we release it, it will be dead. >> two to four days? >> exactly. >> reporter: there is a similar battle of the minds in washington where fighting continues. the white house wants nearly $1.9 billion to fight the disease. the county is already saying it will be nonbinding so neighbors here are preparing to sue.
12:36 pm
online to send messages to the fda encouraging them to stop in and warning your neighborhood could be next. abc news, key west. people are going to want to stay outside a lot. let's check in with meteorologist bill evans. he has the after school accu- weather forecast. a 7 on the uv index. 75 degrees normal high would be 63. sunny and warm, a great day after school today. much of tomorrow too but it only gets warmer. we'll talk about that next. back to you. thank you bill. coming up on eyewitness news at noon. police in queens search for serial robbers who seem to target new yorkers who do one activity every day.
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the search is on in queens for two people behind a series of armed robberies, most occurring as people were getting out of taxis. the men have struck 14 times in the last month and a half, the most recent just 10 days ago when they stole more than a thousand dollars from a man getting out of a cab in richmond hills. they have gotten in total more than $5700 along with credit
12:40 pm
you have to be careful walking around and just protect yourself. >> scary, it is dangerous you know, you have to be prepared, be cautious and keep your eyes open. police say along with the passengers, the men have also targeted cab drivers finishing shifts. in every incident the men were armed with a gun. former box pitcher curt schilling has been fired by espn. he recently shared an antitransgender image on social media that many considered offensive. earlier this year he shared a similar post equating muslims to hitler. espn gave him a chance but now say his opinions don't match with the company's policy of inclusion. the teenager, accused of posing as a doctor, has been offered a plea deal. prosecutors in west palm beach offered malachi love robinson a deal that would send him to prison for three years, followed by five years probation. the 18-year-old is accused of
12:41 pm
title dr. love, even though he is not a licensed doctor. he has until next month to accept a plea deal or face trial in july. the battle to make the bible the official state book in tennessee appears to be over. the governor vetoed the bill saying it trivialized the text. the override failed by seven votes. quit a big day in britain, queen elizabeth, britain's old and the longest serving monarch is celebrating her 90th birthday in royal style. well wishers and family members paying tribute to her today. stephanie ramos has the details. today queen elizabeth ii has reached another milestone,
12:42 pm
the uk ramping up the pomp and circumstance to mark the occasion. the bells of westminister abby ringing out in celebration. and a royal gun salute for the queen, one of many events taking place across the country. it is a jam packed day for queen elizabeth, kicking it off with a soil stroll with her husband, prince philip, greeting well wishers who have lined the streets for days trying to catch a glimpse of her royal highness. a nation reflecting on a life that stretches from the roaring 20s to but what do you give the queen on her birthday? >> that is the hardest question ever. her and i have decided to have a joint present this year. >> reporter: prince william who rarely speaks about his late mother, diana, opens up about the queen being a guiding force. >> it has been particularly important for me to have somebody like the queen to look
12:43 pm
>> reporter: annie liebovitz capturing these images of the queen. and this with future kings charles william and george will be on stamps to mark the queen's life. >> reporter: queen elizabeth ii is celebrating her birthday for the next couple of months. but today is the actual birthday. remember the movie the shining. we'll tell you where a picture has people asking was that ghost story real. >> look at this coming up on eyewitness news. the hotel inspired one of the scariest movies of all time has a new picture to add to it. is this a ghost story?
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we are back now with a disturbing scene inside a high
12:47 pm
cell phone video shows a teacher's aide shoving a student to the ground and holding the student by the throat. ryan smith has the story. >> reporter: overnight, shocking cell phone video from inside a milwaukee classroom surfacing. you can see a teacher's aide pushing a 14-year-old student into a desk, knocking him to the ground while holding him by the throat, all while slotting expletives at him. the lead teacher in the biology class pulling the aide off the young man as others watched in disbelief. >> i was watching like this is unreal. >> reporter: the 14-year-old, taken to the hospital. and treated for minor injuries. >> i think his friends who was right there they should have helped him. >> reporter: the 3-year-old teaching assistant arrested, charged with physical abuse of a child. >> as soon as the school
12:48 pm
students this incident had occurred, the milwaukee police department was contacted and the staff member was taken out of the classroom. >> reporter: police now investigating the altercation interviewing students who witnessed the attack. >> i'm saddened by it. >> reporter: for channel 7 eyewitness news, ryan smith, abc news. the guggenheim museum must have been flush with cash to buy its newest piece of art. it is an 18-carat solid gold fully functioning toilet and it is about to be installed in a unisex bathroom. the new gold throne is called america, by an italian sculptor who came out of retirement. anyone who pays for a museum admission can use the toilet if you are not shy and don't mind the security guard assigned to make sure it is not vandalized. there would be nothing weird about that. >> oh darn, i would like one of
12:49 pm
>> you don't have one? >> i mean, i kind of do. i don't right. >> just not gold? i got you. this afternoon is golden in the weather forecast. shine down on us, would you please mr. golden sun? it is a very nice day to be outside. temperatures and humidity accommodating. the temperatures are comfortable, the humidity is low. the uv index is high. make sure you have sunscreen sun block because about an hour is all it takes in this to get yourself a little bit of a sunburn. we are actually seeing temperatures that are very comfortable here. here's a look from our camera. 4 times square, high thin cirrus clouds. really pretty weather. here is our camera in astoria, looking south. once we look
12:50 pm
on, on the water today. water temperature about 51 degrees. yesterday's high 6. normal is 63. we are going to be above that. a light southwest wind, low humidity, 65 degrees. 67 newark, easily today we are going to see the temperatures climbing into the mid 70s by afternoon. what will help that is this land breeze. it is out of the southwest here, coming up almost due south. the south facing shores will be a little bit cooler. wind gusts so far 21, 23 miles per hour. as we have been talking that increases this fire threat, particularly from the city. five burrows of new york city, yearssy, except right at the beach. you have to be very careful if you are going to be involve with anything that could touch off a fire. tomorrow we are going to get some of these showers, breaking down, high pressure leaving, a front approaching from the west tomorrow, we'll send in showers starting in the afternoon.
12:51 pm
a lot of spots with sunny breaks in here and a passing shower might even be tomorrow night at sunset. just after a passing thunderstorm maybe one to the north here. this will be spotty until after midnight and that is gone. we are off to a great weekend on saturday and sunday. not looking at a lot of rain. the computer model from a tenth to an inch to nothing. we'll be looking at sunshine and warm this afternoon. 75 tonight cloudy. 59 tomorrow. a shower or thunderstorm after lunch time tomorrow. but the temperature hits 78, 15 degrees warmer than normal for this time of year. saturday is great, we are at 70 and we have the ocean air taking over on sunday. that is going to feel good, with temperatures in the 60s. and next week we have normal temperatures, a chance of a shower on monday. but monday is a big range of temperatures. beautiful weather for two weekend in his a row now. looks great.
12:52 pm
>> sure will. thanks bill. a 13-year-old boy in upstate new york is the first wheelchair athlete to compete with other students his age on a modified track and field team. the school district in westmoreland is helping jason robinson compete against other local school track teams. jason brings the techniques he has learned back to his home state. other athletes will be inspired to try to participate in sports in other activities. just incredible. we'll be right back. but first here's a look at what is coming up next. today we are sharing the trendable treats everyone has been talking about.
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devices they quickly run out of juice. we are going to show you a new list of cell phones that have the longest lasting batteries because you hate when it runs out and then you are looking for the charge and then a plug. then your husband's got it. >> exactly. >> it is like honey. >> constant right? >> just a little snapshot of diana's life. >> that was my morning. >> it is time now for the feed. we start you off with pure cuteness. another picture of chrissy tiegen and john legend's bundle of joy. but this time we get to see the precious little baby thanks to legend who posted the pic first to instagram and tiegen reposted it garnering even more likes. obviously social media is obsess and trying to figure out who she looks like more. everyone is loving how candid
12:57 pm
media when others would sell it a magazine. i love this story because i grew up in the south. he do there kind of stuff afford lures. ryan caught a 400-pound grouper using a number 11 wrench from his garage toolbox. he used that as a lure. he took the wrench, put a treble hook on it, that is a number 6 hook. and he had to get in the water to get the big old grouper out. >> wow. >> he lost his wrench in the process and is looking at other items in his toolbox to see what he could use next. >> apparently that is a real man fish. >> the hotel that inspired the shining has made the feed after a guest said the movie may not be too far from the truth. can you see that?
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